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Exciting Deep Sea Fishing Charters Punta Cana Bavaro.

Caught Marlin -Sailfish fishinig charter Punta Cana in April 2016
Weather you are a professional and experienced fisherman or this will be your first experience – you reached the best company in the Dominican Republic to take you to an exciting world of Deep Sea Sports Fishing Punta Cana – Bavaro.deep sea private fishing charter
Fishing Charters Punta Cana we have been leading successful fishing seasons for more than 7 years Punta Cana area and other destinations of the Dominican Republic. Our management and staff are very professional and friendly, we have simply great customer service and our main goal is your enjoyment and satisfaction.Fishing boat catch Blue Marlin
Its hard to find better combination for perfect Fishing trip – beautiful island with breath taking nature and generous sea, home of amazing fast and strong creatures. The adrenalin of fighting agile billfish to get him on board is incomparable. Those experiences make your long time memories, which you will be excited to share with your friends verbally and with pictures.Yacht Fortuna 42' ready for fishing Punta Cana - Bavaro
Big Marlin Fishing Charter is located in lively tourist area Punta Cana, Bavaro. Here you DO have options, BUT if quality is a main key feature for your choice – Big Marlin Charters it would be. Our Ocean Super Sport motor yacht is a real Fisherman, clean, perfectly maintained and equipped for deep sea fishing excursion.private fishing boat deep sea fishing Punta CanaThe Yacht is 42′ long, with maximum capacity of 15 people, so for our fishing trips for maximum of 10 people you have lots of space! There is a spacious luxurious cabin with white leather couches, the bar, TV, shower and toilet. The stern has lots of room and is conveniently shaded wide bimini, and the bow is an ideal spot for relaxation and enjoying the speed marlin private fishing charter Punta CanaOur Penn rods, Penn reels and Rapala tackle are carefully selected, checked and looked after. We are proud to present you our collection of really powerful brand Penn Internatinal reels of 50lb and 80lb and Shimano 120lb and 160lb which can drag out trophy catches of Blue Marlin, White marlin, Atlantic sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi(Dorado) King Makrel, Barracuda and others… At Big Marling Fishing Charter Punta Cana we use Penn International, Shimano, Fin Nor, Aftco and other brand name reels, rods and equipment. For our fishing tours we always use only the most fresh Ballyhoo bait.
sailfish season bigmarlin private fishing charters Punta CanaYour fishing charter will be navigated by an experienced local Captain, who really knows what he is doing and how to reach the goal – catch the fish of your dreams! You will be assisted by an attentive 1st Mate, always there to help and give an advice. Languages spoken by our staff: English and Spanish.
There is a choice of a Private Fishing Charter no any Shared Group Charter. The boat always very clean. For private fishiing charters only! Both are fun and both are oriented on real sport fishing with the “big weight” result.Mahi Mahi fishing in Punta Cana fresh season
In the waters of the Atlantic Ocean you can count on encountering magnificent Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Altantic Sailfish, Barracuda, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, King Mackerel. Read more about fish species and fishing calendar.

In addition to great sport Fishing experience there are other great activities for you to enjoy with Big Marlin Charter:
Yacht Tours, Party Boat, Private
deep sea fishnig Punta Cana blue marlin end October 2016Yacht Rental.
Evens and celebrations on our yacht
We have own van for transfer you.

Welcome to Paradise with fun and exciting activities brought to you by Big Marlin Charter Punta Cana. Your vacation will be full of great emotions and fun!

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