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Blue Marlin Fishing Tips. Matt.M article for marlin fishermen.

The Atlantic Blue Marlin is one of the most prized game fish species in the world. The thrill of catching these behemoths is considered by many the ultimate challenge in all of fishing. Anglers flock to warm water destinations in the hopes to catch blue marlin. The goal of serious anglers is always the same—catch a blue marlin weighing upwards of 1,000 pounds.

Follow these Blue Marlin Fishing Tips

Fish Deep Edges of Underwater Canyons

Blue marlin can definitely be caught in the open ocean, but more often than not they are found in deep edges of underwater canyons. Looks for them in areas with steep drop offs.

Heavy Duty Gear

Most experienced marlin anglers will use single or dual speed lever drag reels. You need complete control over the drag if you want to successfully fight a marlin, which is why premium lever drag reels are so preferred.

Your fishing rod needs to have a good amount of backbone to handle marlin. It’s also preferred if the rod has roller guides so the line can flow smoothly. The ideal rod has a soft tip, stiff butt, good backbone and roller guides. The last thing you want is to lose your fish because your tackle can’t handle big fish.

Monofilament line is the line of choice for malin anglers. It’s strong, elastic, and has the stretch needed to absorb the impacts as your giant fish thrashes through the water. Usually about 25 feet of 200 to 400 pound mono leader is desired.

Artificial Lures

Bright artificial lures can be trolled behind the boat to entice the marlin bite. Usually chuggers, jets, and plungers are the weapon of choice.

Don’t Dismiss Live Baits

Live bait also works well. Whatever the marlin are regularly feeding on can be used as live bait. Some anglers prefer to catch fresh live bait with their rigs to use for fishing marlin. Bonito and false albacore are often used.

Learn to Reel

Battling a marlin can take upwards of 45 minutes for most people. The goal is to keep constant pressure on the fish.

One technique beginners should learn when fishing for marlin is the “short stroke”. To do this you have ro raise your rod around 15 degrees and reel as fast as you can for one crank and then lower your tip back down 15 degrees and repeat the process again. This will often help you get the last bit of line necessary to land your Marlin.

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