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Punta Cana spearfishing Dominican giude speragun rent boat

Reef Spearfishing in Punta Cana. Safety with "Fat Cat" Grady-White and giude.

Spearfishing is definitely an activity worth doing during your vacation in the Dominican Republic, and it is best done with the Big Marlin Charters Company.

You will meet one of the most experienced spearfishing hunters in Punta Cana and a member of our professional team, local spearfishermen – Bogdan. He will discuss with you your experience level and accompany you throughout the whole spearfishing charter: onboard the catamaran, during the dive and hunting by the reef as well as being there when we take pictures of your trophies for your great memories.

Fishing with a speargun is an activity that doesn’t like rushing and unnecessary moves. Attention! We do not teach spearfishing! You need to have certain skills before you go underwater. Do not lie during your introductory conversation with our instructor. Your life and safety is no joke. You won’t be wasting your time in search of the underwater hunting equipment, specifically a speargun, a mask, the weights, compression body wear or a wetsuit and so on. We have it all.

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