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Add 1 hr. Reef Snorkeling after fishing just $50 US for per boat


Dear Friends!
We came up with a new really great offer for your best experience with Big Marlin Charters!snorkel trip excursion experience punta_cana
From now on you have an option of choosing to have a relaxing hour of snorkeling after your fun and intense Fishing trip.
Just mark a checkbox while making reservation and receive your additional snorkeling hour for just $50 US for per boat! And not per person. Or mention this option in email to us or a phone call.
snorkeling after deep sea fishinigThis promotional price is valid for the boat (includes all people onboard) not per person.
It is a great idea to stop and relax on the way back from your fishing trip. Dive into bath warm Caribbean water and just relax. Have our FREE onboard drinks. You deserved it after fishing!
Snorkeling will feel just right, making your experience with us one of the best memories from your trip to the Dominican private charter party boat and reef snorkeling
We encourage you to make use of this great offer which we developed for your please and happiness.
As always we continue to work on providing you with the best care and service at Big Marlin Charters.

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